Friday, 31 May 2019

Sometimes going incognito just isn't enough.

We usually ask people to open a fresh incognito window to rule out any problems caused by stale cache or cookies. It’s easier than clearing everything out of your browser. But incognito sessions still gather cookies and things if you never close them, just like a regular browser session does. So if you use the same one all week then you can get into the same state.
And sometimes Incognito mode just isn't enough...

Profiles are a handy feature of Chrome that mean you can run multiple browsing sessions and clear things like history, cache and cookies without losing important things like your Jira and Twitter sessions. They're very useful for testing!
Hit the Profile icon in the top right, Manage People and add a few profiles.

You can quickly switch between profiles with this icon too. And when you clear your browser data you only clear it for that profile.
Combine your Chrome Profiles with this Clear Data extension - that's just a shortcut to this screen... can quickly switch to a new profile and make sure you're starting from a blank canvas.
The latest addition of Guest Mode is pretty similar to Incognito Mode… Just remember to close it and open a fresh session now and again!

Once we're in LIVE - we shouldn’t expect real users to have to clear these things out - but during development things change so much that we don’t want browsers caching things and being "helpful".  And don't even get me started on Service Workers! 😖

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