Wednesday, 2 May 2018

I nearly didn't write this blog post. It seemed too obvious.

There's a phrase that I've caught myself using a few times recently and I really need to stop.
I was going to say that - but it seemed so obvious.

Or another one that comes up now and again.
I was going to suggest that, but it sounded silly!

Every time I've said one of these things I've kicked myself afterwards.

Usually because even though the blindingly obvious thing may be blindingly obvious to me, another person may have forgotten or never even known about it in the first place. And the silly thing that I didn't say is often later suggested by someone else. Usually someone more cleverer or more senior, where it's considered as a serious option.

There are lessons to draw from this...

Trust yourself. Go with your gut. Your blindingly obvious thing might be so obvious that other people have ignored, discounted or simply forgotten it.

The same goes for the too simple or too silly option. People (especially geeks!) have a tendency to over complicate a solution. Your simple suggestion may well be the best. And if not - it may be enough of a starting point to make other people challenge their own approach.

As a tester, you've got carte blanche to state the obvious and ask the silly questions. You might not be right all the time, but you're certainly not going to get laughed at. You might prompt a discussion or just rule out an option. You might even learn something new!

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