Friday, 13 April 2018

Daily Standups - How do you do yours?

Another blog post that's basically an extension of a Tweet!

We all know that when it comes to building software, there's no one right way of doing anything, and that rules and best practices are only really meant to be treated as suggestions and guidelines. It's agile, innit!

But what is the best way of doing a stand up? Or a scrum? Or whatever you call it...

Well it was only a small sample size, but it was almost a 50/50 split that tended to lean towards a 'round the people' approach.

I've tried various different methods at different companies with different sized teams. Using both physical and digital boards. And of course they have all had varying levels of success. But I still ultimately prefer the 'walk the board from right to left' style. And there were a couple of responses that agree with me:

It definitely helps focus on the work that's currently in flight. If someone gives an update on what they've been doing and it's not on the board, then it's either important and needs adding to the board, or they need to not be doing it!
Attacking the tasks from right to left helps keep the focus on getting work done and getting it out the door. Our top priority is getting code shipped into live. After that we look at what's almost ready to go. What's stopping it from moving to the next column? How can we clear that path to get something else further along the pipe?

And finally...  A couple of questions to mop up anything we haven't already discussed.
Who hasn't said anything? Who's working on something that's not on the board? Any other business?

Go Team!

*Everyone puts their hands up for a Captain Planet style ending*

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