Tuesday, 25 April 2017

You man the guns. I'll drive.

This blog post is basically an expansion on this tweet...

And of course, a twist on the old 'two fish in a tank' joke.

It's not really Paired Testing. It's not quite Paired Development. And it's definitely not DevOps.... I suppose it's DevTest?

Last week I raised a bug against one of our products that was pretty tricky to replicate and even trickier to explain. Not only is there a lot of confusing logic involved, but his app consumes a LOT* of data, and it's time sensitive too. A database backup from yesterday won't give the same results if you import it again tomorrow. The easiest thing to do is to modify the existing data into a given state and fire up the app.

So that's just what we did. I rolled up my sleeves and hacked around in the Test database while he pointed his development machine at it and we stepped through the code. Between us we eliminated a few bugs, removed some potential bugs and eventually got the numbers to line up.

No bug reports were created. Nothing was typed up, crossed off or assigned to anyone. And we didn't have to play my least favourite game ever - Bug Tennis. It's completely the opposite end of the spectrum to the 'throw it over the wall' mentality that existed between dev and test teams a few years ago (and unfortunately I'm sure still exists in some places). If this is the way that testing is going, then I'm all for it! 👍

*It's not quite BIG data... But it's quite TALL data. 

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