Thursday, 14 January 2016

Ok. We've got a Tester. Now what?

This post could also have been titled "Ok. I got a job as a Tester. Now what?"

This is the sort of question that I seem to have been asked quite a lot recently. A number of small web agencies sprang up around Sheffield over the past year or so, and they're just getting to the size now where they realise they need an actual tester - not just a PM with a spare 5 minutes to 'have a quick look' at the latest release as it goes out the door. It's great to see a demand for Testers, and even better to see people with the right skills being hired, despite a lack of experience or qualifications.

It's not easy being the only person on your team tho. So this post is basically a link-dump of resources and places to start looking... I've cobbled these links together in various emails when I've been asked by friends and ex-colleagues so it's probably time I compiled them into a blog post for the next person who asks me about it!