Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Sometimes being a tester is like having ADHD

I think I spotted an issue around updating Direct Debit details on this site yesterday. I'll just log in and check.

Oh. The password for this test user isn't the usual "password". Maybe it's "password1"? Or was it "Password1"? Maybe I changed it to "password123" when I was testing the Change Password page?

Dammit. Too many password attempts. This user has been locked.

Hang on a minute... That should have locked me out after three attempts. That was definitely 4! I'll just find another user and check that again.

*repeats with different user*

*raises bug*

OK. I'll just request a new password for this user then.

*requests new password*

*waits for email*

*waits for email*

*prods developer*

"Oh... yeah... we haven't wired up the Reset Password emails yet... I'd forgotten about that!"

*raises bug*

RIGHT THEN.... I'll just register a NEW user!

*registers new user*

"Thank you for registering! An email has been sent to [email protected] Please verify.... Blah blah blah..."

Oops. I missed out the dot in the email address. Oh. That shouldn't be possible.

*Accidentally spend 10mins re-reading about valid email formats*

*raises bug*

*registers another new user*

*logs in with new user*

*requests to set up a direct debit*

"Direct Debit successfully created"
"Current payment method: Credit/Debit Card"


*refresh page*

*log out and in again*

"Current payment method: Direct Debit"

*raises bug*

*makes coffee*

Now what was I doing again...?

[some scenes have been created for entertainment purposes]

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