Friday, 13 March 2015

Fast switching between browsers and devices

If you're doing cross browser and cross-device testing then you may find a great deal of your time is spent copying and pasting URLs, typing them on a fiddly little phone keyboard or emailing links and screenshots from yourself to yourself... There are several services out there that can make your life a little easier.

Dropbox is the obvious solution. It works on nearly every platform. You can save links in folders and access them from all of your devices. And it will automatically back up your screenshots and transfer them to your PC.

If you're using Google Chrome then another solution is to create a 'test' account and sign in to a new Chrome profile. Do the same on your test devices and all your bookmarks are magically synced between them*. Your test account can also be a handy way of synchronising screenshots via Google Drive or Google+.
*Obviously this option will only work between instances of Chrome

Xmarks is a cross-browser bookmark syncing app. It has versions for Chrome, IE, Safari and Firefox. There is also a web interface, so if you're using a device or browser that isn't supported you can just log in to their site and access your bookmarks there.

Pushbullet is primarily a notification syncing app, but you can use it to push links and data between your devices. It works with all the major browsers and operating systems and can also be used to push screenshots back to your computer.

Shout up if you've got any different solutions!

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