Tuesday, 2 September 2014

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I'll not reveal my sources, just in case... But I was chatting to someone at the weekend who is on placement in CERN as part of their Masters degree.

I was interested to learn that CERN has no testers. Apparently the current process is "if you need some code to do something, then you write it and if it does what you need then you push it out".

Combining this with a high turnover of contractors, students and other short term employees means they have shed loads of undocumented legacy code kicking around and it's starting to cause them problems. They are currently putting new processes like coding standards and peer reviews in place to manage this in the future.


Although, it's quite nice to know that we're not the only ones that have these problems!

Disclaimer: This may or may not be true for all of CERN. I'm just repeating what I was told. Please don't sue me!

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